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The free audio broadcasting app that connects you with followers around the world.


Draw followers from anywhere and everywhere on a proven, reliable network.


Create a profile, broadcast publicly, chat with followers, organize events.


Search categories or specific channels to create a community that speaks just to you.


Download the free app, choose to broadcast or listen — and you’re on your way.

Got something to say?
Your soapbox is waiting.

Bullhorn seamlessly blends the best of radio broadcasting with a powerful communication and collaboration platform. And it's completely free to use.

Now go set a course, change minds, make decisions and inspire growth. Your revolution will be broadcasted.

High-Definition Audio Quality

Robust Chat

Unbeatable Capacity

Unlimited Streaming

Instant Notifications

Easy Search

A Bullhorn for Everyone

Bullhorn is a creative community powered by people just like you — people following their passion. So what will you do with Bullhorn? Spark your imagination with these popular use cases.

Prayer Leaders

Organize large-scale prayer events with participants around the world or invite followers to emergency prayer sessions. Share the virtual floor with other prayer leaders during a live events.

Radio Hosts

Add another access point to your radio show by allowing followers to listen and connect via Bullhorn. Get transparency into who is following and who is listening live.


Get immediate access to your base when communication is critical and send text and voice messages. Pull your team onto an impromptu event to strategize responses. Or consider running a power panel event and share with the public to raise awareness.


Get another avenue to effortlessly distribute your content to new and existing audiences and benefit from unparalleled insight into your subscribers and active listeners.

Sales Managers

Notify clients about new releases or great deals on their favorite products. Also generate leads and boost sales by creating and sharing resources publicly. For team management, easily shift between file-sharing, messaging and a live event.

Upgrade to Bullhorn Premium

Fundraise for Your Project

Make it easy for followers to contribute by adding an in-app request for donations.

Build Your Brand

Create custom greetings that play for everyone tuning into your events.

Perfect Your Message

Craft prerecorded presentations and play live to listeners.


Bullhorn is a creative and engaging app you can use to share and consume live and prerecorded audio content. It’s part online radio, part communication and collaboration platform, part social media. It’s a way to hold events that connect thousands of people with mission-critical quality — without incurring considerable costs. We built Bullhorn to scale for a global community — a place where the world can meet you and you can meet the world. We hope you'll both be better for it.

Sitting down? A whopping $0.00. Bullhorn is available for free for iOS and Android™ devices.

Operator calling and data charges may apply.

You sure can. To edit contact info, personal and privacy settings, just log in to the app. Tap the profile icon, then Edit Profile.

To get started, allow Bullhorn to access your contacts. Tap the profile icon, tap Contacts and then Allow Access. Invite contacts to use Bullhorn with SMS, email or Facebook.

Bullhorn goes by a follower model. Anyone can find you, follow you and access content you have posted. If your profile is private, however, you must approve new followers' requests before content on the channel can be accessed.

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Bullhorn is based in beautiful Long Beach, California. It's home to a diverse and energetic team of people passionate about connecting the world.

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